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Mobile Apps, UX/UI design, Back-end development, and web interfaces.

Whaai stands for “We Have An App Idea”. We’re here to help you realize your vision. Whaai is pronounced “Why” because our philosophy is to focus on why we’re doing things. This allows us to deliver your first viable application in record time and be competitive compared to overseas development teams.

We embrace a flexible, iterative process that allows us to work more efficiently. We tackle projects as a series of smaller sprints versus as a marathon, so our solutions mirror ever-changing requirements, limiting time spent on rewrites and fixes.

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Our services for startups

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Free Impact Mapping Workshop

To help you design the functions and goals of your product, we will provide you with a free Impact Mapping workshop hosted by one of our Agile Coaches.

Live Deploy

Our mobile apps are “Live Update” ready. No need to submit your mobile app to the App Stores each you want to deploy a new feature or fix a bug.

Minimum Viable Product

This initial product is designed to allow you to know your Product-Market fit as quickly as possible. We can develop your MVP in 4 to 8 weeks at a fixed price, with a specified launch date.


Everything is possible: Analytics, FaceID/TouchID, Stripe, Apple Pay, Push Notifications, Blockchain/DApps, Apple wallet, Audio, Camera, QR Scanner, Map, InApp Purchase, Chat, Deeplinks, InApp Marketing Messages, etc.

Our technologies

React Native, Ionic Framework, Angular, ReactJS, Typescript/Javascript, NodeJS, MongoDB, Java 8, HTML5/CSS/SASS, Objective-C/Swift, Kotlin, C#, PHP, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Atlassian (Jira, Confluence…)

Beautiful graphic design

We will work with you and your team to identify, design, and develop the assets your company needs to get off the ground.

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Let’s get in touch and start with your free Impact Mapping workshop.

This workshop will help you design and conceptualize your mobile app. We will tell you more about us and you will about you. It starts with an email!