The best number puzzle game since Sudoku!
Gridster is an logic puzzle game with numbers and colors.

Mark or clear all the dots with the right color to solve the puzzle. The numbers on each tile tells you how many adjacent dots need to be marked. But it gets more and more difficult when you have two or three colors in the tiles, because colors blend together! (for example: BLUE + GREEN = YELLOW)

But don’t worry, you will learn the game progressively along the levels and become a puzzle master!

Let’s say it’s a nice mix between Sudoku and Minesweeper! Give it a try!

– 60 brain teasing levels
– Each level can be played multiple times, it will be a new grid each time.
– Autosave feature so you can stop and resume the game anytime.
– Note the tiles that you checked yourself, with the “Notes” mode.

Available on iPhone and iPad!!